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Jenn Bothwell
88 Inwoods Road, Southbridge, New Zealand
021 292 8926
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During lessons we teach all that is required to groom and gear up your own horse, allowing you plenty of contact time with your horse, usually time goes over the hour. Private lessons run weekdays, afterschool or on weekends. Afterschool lessons sometimes are grouped with children at similar riding levels.

For younger children we can offer a half hour lesson for $30
For the really little ones we have a very safe mini pony and can do basic pony rides for $20 (grooming etc is encouraged!)

I am more than happy to travel to your place and provide riding lessons on your own mounts, and can organise combined training days in your area, English or Western.
We also offer to pony out with you and your young horse, we have fabulous quiet roads in the area, I supply a school master to accompany you, can even take your youngster for an outing to the beach or an experienced rider to ride your young horse if you want to chill on one of ours.