We are located in Southbridge which is approximately 1/2 hours travel from Rolleston/Lincoln areas. We are situated on an 18 acre property and have a variety of horses and ponies, as well as farm animals of all varieties.

Specialising in adult riders returning to riding, or nervous riders requiring an understanding instructor with well behaved safe, calm horses. 


We offer an array of equestrian activities, from one-on-one riding lessons or group lessons, to road rides and beach treks. We also cater for children of all ages, and can offer pony rides for the little ones, or more advanced lessons for older children.

During the school holidays we can offer all day care of your child, including lunch from 9am - 4pm, this includes riding lessons and instruction at around D+ Pony Club Certificate level.




During lessons we teach all that is required to groom and gear up your own horse, allowing you plenty of contact time with your horse, usually time goes over the hour. Some of the sessions with be horsemanship and theory when the weather is inclement. Private lessons run weekdays, afterschool or on weekends. Afterschool lessons sometimes are grouped in pairs of children at similar riding levels.

For younger children we can offer a half hour lesson for $30
For the really little ones we have a very safe mini pony and can do basic pony rides for $20 (grooming etc is encouraged!)

I am more than happy to travel to your place and provide riding lessons on your own mounts, and can organise combined training days in your area, English or Western.
We also offer to pony out with you and your young horse, we have fabulous quiet roads in the area, I supply a school master to accompany you, can even take your youngster for an outing to the beach or an experienced rider to ride your young horse if you want to chill on one of ours.

Private lessons run weekdays, after school or on weekends. After school lessons sometimes are grouped with children at similar riding levels.


(accompanied by myself or another trail boss) are $50, these last for around an hour, we have very safe wide road verges with small amounts of traffic.



Approximately 3.5 - 4 hours, it takes around 45 minutes to ride to the beach, and the same for the return journey, these are $100 per ride. These will only run if we have two or more riders, these are also accompanied by myself.

If you become a regular client, there could be an option to take our horses out for rides by yourself subject to your riding level.

I supply helmets (up to safety standard required by Pony Club etc) and riding boots (prefer no sneakers)

A disclaimer will be entered into regarding that you are riding at your own risk.



Ellen is available to take on horses to school, young horses to get experience or horses you may need to be sold on behalf. She is a fantastic all round rider who has been riding since she was a toddler, she has an amazing way with all horses or ponies, especially slightly cheeky ones needing a restart for their riders.

Ellen also starts standardbred race horses under saddle, giving them a second chance after racing. At the moment she is starting two young gypsy cobs under saddle.


Ellen has trained with Gerry Johnstone, he is a fantastic local trainer.

Weekly paddock fee, pay per ride, percentage of sale, we will work out a plan to suit your needs.

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