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      Jenn & Ellen

I have over 33 years of equestrian experience in both english and western disciplines, Passion for western riding at age 14, I was a qualified NZ western riding judge for 16 years. I have
numerous years instructing at Pony Club and training western horses and riders. My daughter Ellen is 16, a member of Bangor Pony Club, and a competitive Mounted Games rider. Ellen takes on and retrains ponies with problems, saddle starts standardbreds, and educates green horses and ponies for other people.
We also enjoy trekking with our horses and friends in the High Country.

Our horses are our own private mounts, they are very well cared for and also very well mannered, we have well fitted gear and choose a mount suited for your level, they will provide you a safe and comfortable ride.


15hh Dark Bay Clydesdale/Pony cross gelding, Jimmy is my own personal mount, we have done a lot of trekking into the high country, we also compete in Mounted Games, hes a carfeul jumper and a safe fun ride.


15hh Chestnut Quarterhorse cross gelding, JJ is a retired trekking horse who prior to that was used for mustering, he is a safe ride for beach treks, and for kids to ride, super safe on the road in groups or by himself, a go anywhere type horse.


15hh Buckskin Quarterhorse mare, Conner is the perfect school master for all ages learning to ride, she is fully western trained and totally bombproof, we are very lucky to have her here to provide safe paddock lessons for total beginners.


14.1hh Cremello Quartehorse/Pony cross gelding, Dwight is my daughters own

personal mount, she competes on Dwight in Mounted Games, they have been to Horse of the Year 2018 and 2019. He is an extremely quiet good natured pony, he is calm and caring for all his riders, we are lucky enough to get to ride him in our paddock lessons and road rides.


Quarterhorse mare, fully western trained, lovely mare who has come here for her
retirement, such a sweet heart with the kids, Coco is worth her weight in gold, so safe and reliable.


33 inches/8.1hh Brown Miniature Horse, Star has been with us since he was 2, he was Ellens first pony, he has taught numerous little girls the love of riding ponies, he is well mannered and most suitable for the real little ones to groom, lead and ride. Star willingly tows a cart, we have a lot of fun in the school holidays with kids cart rides! 


13.3hh Section C Welsh Pony. Chester is Ellens eventing and games pony, she has trained Chester herself. He is a great wee jumper and isn't scared of anything. Ellen has taught Chester to do tricks, he is very clever.


15.1hh Bay Thoroughbred mare. Stella used to be a polo pony, now shes retired to be a riding school horse, shes quiet and safe, with three lovely paces.


16.1hh Bay Standardbred Gelding. Wilson came from a trekking place down south, hes a lovely old chap, is great in the paddock and out and about.


14.3hh Brown Standardbred Gelding. Dreamer came from the same trekking place as Wilson, he to has done lots of riding in the high country, a very quiet fella with a nice soft mouth.


14hh Bay Welsh cross pony.

Aragorn was a games pony, hes now retired from games and living a quieter lifestyle with us here, hes a bit cheeky and a bit of a slug when he wants to be!


16hh Chestnut Standardbred mare. 

Diamond is the most quietest slow horse I have ever met, she would just be happy to wander around the paddock or down the road going no faster than a dawdle. Shes a sweetheart!


15.3hh Chestnut Warmblood mare.

(Big) Star is Ellens eventing mare, she has beautiful paces and is lovely to ride.

Mr Bear

13.2hh Brown English riding pony x Hackney

Dorimor Yogi Bear is a delightful chap, he is an amazing jumper, coming from a family of grand prix showjumpers. 


Our founding member of the team, sadly Sparky is now resident under the poplar tree in the front paddock watching over us all.

15hh Bright Chestnut Quarterhorse mare, Sparky is a beautiful golden chestnut

colour and equally worth her weight in gold, she has been the most fantastic school master western trained show horse and was enjoying her well-deserved full retirement here, eating and relaxing.


Darling Fly rests with Sparky under the poplar tree, keeping an eye on the place, we miss you Fly you were a wonderful pony and taught many riders.

Fly is a 13.1hh riding pony, a lovely geriatric old lady, perfect for beginners, very slow, everything in slow motion! Delightful pony to have around! Fly has been an amazing pony in her past, doing everything from eventing to mounted games, teaching numerous riders.

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